Bob Dalpe General Dynamics Salute

Here is a shout out to Bob “Does it All” Dalpe. Congratulations for being showcased around Veterans Day at General Dynamics where he works as an engineering quality assurance technician. The article titled, A Veteran’s Journey of Helping Others, included a look at Bob’s relationship with Jack Holder.

Bob Dalpe USAF Veteran.

Bob Dalpe served in the United States Air Force as a weather technician (forecaster). After the USAF, Bob has continued to call for sunshine by serving youth causes and his fellow veterans like Jack Holder. In 2017, the Chandler, Arizona resident’s efforts and dedication earned him the honor of being inducted into the Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame.  

In the General Dynamics article, Bob Dalpe explained he first met Jack Holder eight years ago. It took place at a Battle of Midway remembrance event at the Arizona State Capitol Museum. The event was a milestone moment for Jack “because it was the first time, he stepped out for a World War II event.

Like many members of “The Greatest Generation,” for decades Jack Holder regarded his WWII service as not important. Basically, he just thought he did what he had to do. This despite being a distinguished U.S. Navy Flight Engineer and a Pearl Harbor Survivor.

Jack Holder with Bob Dalpe.

Bob Dalpe and Jack Holder became friends. Then for years Bob would assist Jack with his personal affairs and accompany him on public appearances. That was…until another veterans-related storm popped up on the former weather forecaster’s radar screen.

Covid-19 and Navajo Nation Veterans

The Covid-19 pandemic had a devastating impact on those in the Navajo Nation. You see, it wasn’t just the virus that was challenging their survival. It was being cut off from lifesaving items such as food and water. As cases surged, a shutdown ensued and a real nightmare was born.

When Lt. Col. (ret.) Tom Eisiminger, Jr. learned about the crisis, he could not stand down and leave behind the important military veterans living on the Navajo Nation. The President of the Veterans Medical Leadership Council in Phoenix reached out to Bob Dalpe, his friend and colleague on the council. As Bob says, “I’m the guy that knows the guy who knows the guy. “If someone needs help, I don’t know all the answers, but I know who does.”

Navajo Nation Veterans Support Team.

What began as a 2-man grass roots mission, evolved into a miracle growth project overnight. They went from grocery shopping to loading up trucks and helicopters every week to reach unreachable veterans and their families with various supplies. The wide-ranging items included water, chainsaws, personal protective equipment, hand sanitizer, and more.

On an important personal note, one simple but superstar action taken by Tom Eisiminger, Jr. and Bob Dalpe was this. The pair didn’t assume or tell the Navajo Nation Veterans what supplies they needed. They asked!

Central Agency Navajo Veterans Organization Commander Pete Tsinnijinnie proudly describes the two as “a blessing.” He credits them for filling a gap “when no one else would.”

Leave it to U.S. Military Veterans like Tom Eisiminger, Jr. and Bob Dalpe to use a helicopter for their angel wings.

Today this Covid-19 relief effort is part of a major collaboration with the Barry and Peggy Goldwater Foundation. They now reach beyond the Navajo Nation and are expanding their lifesaving kindness to assist veterans in Monument Valley and Hopi.

Thanks again to General Dynamics for this well-deserved recognition of Bob Dalpe, Lt. Col. (ret.) Tom Eisiminger, Jr. (and Jack Holder). Considering 107,000 employees makes the global aerospace and defense company one of the largest defense contractors anywhere, Bob Dalpe’s efforts will be seen and savored internally by military veterans around the world.  

If you would like to donate or join in the volunteer efforts, please visit or

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  1. Bob is my neighbor and he is a very good person, heputs his life aside to help our veterans and communities two need the assistance.

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