Events with Jack Holder

The Great Depression. The Pearl Harbor Attack. The Battle of Midway. These are some of the biggest historic events in American History. They are forever part of our nation’s past. Events with Jack Holder are historic, too.

The big difference is…for you and your audience Jack Holder Events will have you living history as it happened then and happens now.

As a Pearl Harbor Survivor and decorated World War II Veteran, Jack Holder is the rarest of event presenters. The man is literally a walking talking living breathing version of 20th Century American and World History. He not only shares with your audience what took place, he shares what he saw and felt so others have a unique opportunity to see it, feel it, and experience it too…in real-time.

Booking Events with Jack Holder are special. In fact, you’ll know this before they even occur. The announcements alone create a buzz of anticipation. Sponsorships and tickets can be sold in advance. The power to generate media coverage is almost guaranteed when you mention Jack Holder is coming. TV, radio, newspaper, and online exposure are powerful keys to victory. This will surely help you promote your event, your mission, and ensure success.

You’ll see…

People of all ages and diverse backgrounds will want to see, hear, and have the rare opportunity to meet Jack Holder in person. They will want to be able to say and show, “They were there!”

NOTE: Jack Holder and Crew can follow orders. We will gladly do our best to accommodate and meet your needs. We work with you to customize your time and maximize your opportunity with Jack’s event appearance. (And yes…we have tactical operations for adapting to and overcoming Covid-19).

Events with Jack Holder include:

  • Veteran’s Events. Enough said. Anything having to do with the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Marine Corps, and U.S. Coast Guard is a personal and professional honor for Jack to participate.
  • Memorable Meals. Whether you’re hosting an organized breakfast, lunch, or dinner event, Jack can help to satisfy the appetites of your attendees and still leave them wanting more.
  • School Presentations. Jack loves giving presentations at schools. The real question is who loves them the most? Your students, teachers, administrators, or parents?
  • Book Discussions and Signings. Just like with Veterans. Enough said. Anything having to do with discussing the content and getting Jack’s book into the hands of others is a personal and professional honor for Jack to participate.
  • Civic and Community Events. From National Holidays to everyday events, booking an appearance by Jack Holder can generate interest and attention, and add value. Whether it’s Parades, Groundbreakings, Grand Openings, dedication ceremonies, or something else, please reach out to us and let’s see how we can help.

Let’s keep it real. This is not some 24 sale. But time waits for no one…including our few remaining Pearl Harbor Survivors. A “Maybe we’ll book next year” approach might work. Then again, it might not.

Booking Jack Holder events sooner than later are safe and wise for you. They also add fuel to keep this ol’ U.S. Navy Aviator going. We’ll put it to you this way. As much as your people will be honored and excited by an appearance of Jack Holder. The Guest of Honor himself will be honored, excited, and looking forward to it just as much.  

Please contact us soon, and let’s get going on planning a successful mission together.