Hull Elementary Heroes Visit

World War II Hero Jack Holder.

Jack Holder loves doing appearances at schools. Currently due to Covid-19 restrictions and realities, he is mostly doing them virtually. But visiting the Jane D. Hull Elementary Heroes in Chandler, Arizona was different. You’ll see this in the attached video.

Perhaps that’s because it proved to be a lucky Friday the 13th.

Stopping by to see the Hull Elementary Heroes was a special delivery. Delivering dictionaries to the third-grade students was our last chapter working on the 2020 Sun Lakes Rotary Club Dictionary Donation Project. Don Robins who oversees education efforts for the club is also Jack’s longtime golf buddy. As an Honorary Member, Jack was also enlisted as part of the team efforts packing dictionaries into boxes for delivery.  

Thomas Baldrick, Jack Holder, Maureen Alger packing dictionaries for 3rd graders with the Sun Lakes Rotary Club.

Since 2003, the Sun Lakes Rotary Dictionary Project has earned a grade of A by distributing dictionaries to every 3rd grader in the Chandler Unified School District. Some other schools on the area are also included. To date, over 50,000 students have received free dictionaries from the Sun Lakes Rotary Club.  

The Hull Elementary Heroes are a perfect match for welcoming Jack Holder. The school offers a great environment for learning, inspiring hard work, and the personal development of young boys and girls.

And really, could you ask for a better name than the Heroes for hosting Jack Holder…a real-life World War II Distinguished U.S. Navy Aviator and Pearl Harbor Survivor?

Don Robins (left) arranged Jack’s great visit to Hull Elementary.

Special thanks are required here. First to Hull Elementary’s Head Hero, Mr. Josh Cagle for inviting us on a fun visit. He’s a passionate leader and educator who clearly enjoys rock star status at the school. Every morning, he does live video announcements which include as much fun and kindness as they do information.

As part of his morning announcements for November 13th, we arranged for Jack Holder to lead the school in its Pledge of Allegiance.

And Mr. Cagle isn’t the only one at Hull Elementary inspiring learning and kindness. What a beautiful effort by Mrs. Bond and the second grade. She had her kiddos write to Jack for Veteran’s Day. As a sign of appreciation, Jack Holder plans to return next year to deliver dictionaries to these little Hull Heroes.

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