Jack Holder's Book


It was no accident or a whim. There were countless reasons Jack Holder’s book was titled, “FEAR ADRENALINE AND EXCITEMENT. Jack explains it this way in a telling excerpt from the book:

“The heat of battle can best described in three words: fear, adrenaline, and excitement. Make no mistake about it, there is always a brief moment of fear. But there is a vast difference between the moment of fear and being afraid. Being afraid is long lasting and promotes bad decisions. But when the adrenaline starts to flow, the moment of fear changes to…excitement.”

Yes. Today’s advancements in technology can be awesome and make life so much better and easier. But books are still awesome. A book in your hand and an author’s words can take you anywhere and at any moment in time, past, present, or future. Jack Holder’s book, FEAR ADRENALINE AND EXCITEMENT can do all that and more.

Many professional scholars, historians, and journalists have written great books based on their research and other works. These authors and their books can teach you a great deal about their topic whether the genre is biography, self-help, investigation, or textbook.

Jack Holder’s book, FEAR ADRENALINE AND EXCITEMENT is different. It takes you through some of the biggest turning points in American and World History in the 20th Century. But it does so on a very personal level. You experience history through Jack’s experiences. You see them, hear them, and feel them as he did at the time.

Despite Jack’s Holder’s abundance of age and the passage of time, you can trust the information in Jack’s book because he has such an impressive memory. Elephants would be impressed by Jack’s ability to recall even the most specific details from special moments of his life lived before, during, and after World War II.

  • You don’t have to imagine how depressing it was to grow up during the Great Depression. The tales in FEAR ADRENALINE AND EXCITEMENT of Jack’s childhood provide some of the most powerful personal life lessons you can get about hard work, inner strength, gratitude, hope, and courage.
  • You don’t have to imagine what it was like at the Attack on Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941. Jack’s book will explain it to you in vivid detail. For he was there and lived to tell about it.
  • You don’t have to imagine how the legendary Battle of Midway began. Jack was there up in the air at the heart and start of it. He writes about it with intimate details you’ve likely never heard before.
  • And you don’t have to imagine how a dirt poor Texas farm boy could connect with one of the world’s most famous and innovative business tycoons. Jack’s book will share the unlikely bond that developed.

Speaking of a bond, that is exactly what people of all ages and backgrounds have felt by reading Jack Holder’s book, FEAR ADRENALINE AND EXCITEMENT. Veterans of all wars have found it an accurate and insightful read. Many buy copies of the book to give to their kids and grandkids. Needless to say their young eyes are opened wide reading about Jack’s journey at their early stage of life.

One of the greatest joys in Jack Holder’s life now is when someone buys a copy of his book. It makes him feel good knowing that his story and legacy will live on and hopefully expand.

If you would like to purchase an autographed copy of Jack Holder’s book, for now, simply send us a message through the contact form on the website. We’ll get in touch and get the mission completed as quickly as possible. Thank you kindly for your interest and support.